RE events for schools which bring the Bible to life, and assemblies which explore Christian values.

SparkFish aims to explain the Christian faith intelligently, encouraging young people to make their own informed response. Drawing from the Bible and Christian history, our assemblies support the values of the school, whether it is a community or a faith-based setting.

For Primary schools, SparkFish offers a popular two-part RE programme for the main festivals of the year:

  • The Easter Experience is a dramatic presentation of Holy Week and Easter for Year 5 pupils
  • The Christmas Journey is an interactive telling of the nativity story for Year 2 pupils

The Easter Experience

What is The Easter Experience?

The Easter Experience is an interactive re-telling of the Easter story for Year 5 pupils.

In this re-telling of the Easter story, children move around the auditorium watching events unfold at different locations.

They are given the opportunity to take part in waving palm leaves and are encouraged to become the crowd when Pontius Pilate asks the public to decide who should be crucified.

The Easter Experience is a moving and interactive drama with the actors answering questions in character at the end.

“The Easter Experience was wonderful! The children were totally transfixed by the fantastic acting. The children were then able to ask the cast questions whilst still in character. The children used what they already knew from their learning at school in R.E. and what they had seen to ask some well thought out questions. Thank you Sparkfish!”

Teacher, Nutfield Church Primary School

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The Christmas Journey

What is The Christmas Journey?

The Christmas Journey is an interactive re-telling of the Christmas story for Year 2 pupils.

In this re-telling of the Christmas story, children go on an interactive journey through the Christmas story, moving from tent to tent (indoors). Specifically designed for Year 2 pupils, the Christmas Journey provides an opportunity to ‘live’ the story, ask questions and play an interactive role.

Classes visit one at a time – half complete a Christmas craft activity while the other half take part in the Christmas Journey. The groups then swap over.

In both cases, the narrative is faithful to the Bible, and children are encouraged to understand, reflect and question.

In addition, SparkFish can arrange for knowledgeable visitors and informative visits to enrich learning in other areas of the RE curriculum.

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