Privacy Policy

SparkFish is a local, collaborative, Christian organisation that aims to inspire and encourage young people in faith, hope and love.

This Privacy Notice explains what to expect when SparkFish collects and uses your personal information. We encourage you to read this policy carefully and if you’d like to learn more about our data protection and privacy policies or get further clarification, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


SparkFish is committed to respecting your privacy and ensuring the personal information you have entrusted to us is held securely. We process personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which applies from 25 May 2018.


We collect personal information in the following ways:

Directly from you when you:

  • Decide to give financially to SparkFish, regularly or with a single donation;
  • Join our team of volunteers, regularly or for a single event;
  • Register to receive our newsletter;
  • Register to receive our prayer update;
  • Book for an event or request a visit to your school or church;
  • Contact us with an enquiry;
  • Complete a survey;
  • Apply for a job on our staff team;

From other sources:

  • From your church website, if you are a church leader and/or have a key role in a church working in partnership with SparkFish;
  • From your school website, if you are a member of staff in a school working in partnership with SparkFish;
  • Information made available publicly by Charity Commission, Companies House or information that has been published in newspapers and articles; 


SparkFish will process some or all of the following where necessary to perform their tasks:

NON-ROLE HOLDER – Prayer supporters, Financial supporters and Newsletter recipients.

  • Personal identifiers such as your title, name;
  • Contact details including postal address, post code and/or email address;
  • For Givers – Financial information such as your bank details;
  • Declaration for Gift Aid purposes if you are a UK tax payer;
  • Records of your contact with us;

ROLE HOLDER – Volunteers, including Trustees

  • Names, titles, and aliases, photographs;
  • Contact details such as telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses;
  • Declaration of information relevant to the safeguarding of children and young people;
  • See also ‘Sensitive personal data’ below;


  • As for volunteers, with the following in addition;
  • Where they are relevant to our mission, or where you provide them to us, we may process demographic information such as gender, age, date of birth, marital status, nationality, education/work histories, academic/professional qualifications, employment details, hobbies, family composition, and dependants;
  • Non-financial identifiers such as passport numbers, driving licence numbers, vehicle registration numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, employee identification numbers, tax reference codes, and national insurance numbers;
  • Financial identifiers such as bank account numbers;
  • Financial information such as salary, bonus, record of earnings, tax code, tax and benefits contributions, expenses claimed;
  • Other operational personal data created, obtained, or otherwise processed in the course of carrying out our activities, including but not limited to conversations, IP addresses and website visit histories, logs of visitors, and logs of accidents, injuries and insurance;

Other employee data (not covered above) relating to  Role Holders including emergency contact information; gender, birth date, referral source (e.g. agency, employee referral); level, performance management information, languages and proficiency; licences/certificates, citizenship, immigration status; employment status, retirement date; billing rates, office location, practice and speciality; publication and awards for articles, books etc.; prior job history, employment references and personal biographies;

Senstitive personal data

The Data Protection Act recognises some information as ‘sensitive personal data’. This includes, but is not limited to, information which reveals your religious beliefs, health issues, race or ethnic origin.

SparkFish is Christian organisation committed to living out its Christian ethos and values. Where necessary and consented to, we may collect details about your church affiliations and personal faith.

Additionally, we collect details about any health concerns or disability to make the necessary arrangements for participation in a SparkFish activity.

SparkFish will treat any sensitive personal data we process with care and process the information in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


  • For the administration of the SparkFish programme; 
  • To process monthly payments and any other donations;
  • To reclaim tax on Gift Aid donations, if applicable;
  • To provide online access to information about our work and the opportunity to write and receive letters electronically;
  • To determine and improve the effectiveness of our website and publicity;
  • To organise and coordinate SparkFish events such our annual service;
  • To ensure those who undertake working with young people do so appropriately and safely;
  • To carry out comprehensive safeguarding procedures (including due diligence and complaints handling) in accordance with best safeguarding practice from time to time with the aim of ensuring that all children are provided with safe environments;
  • To deliver SparkFish’s ministry and mission in our community;
  • To fundraise and promote the interests of the charity;
  • To maintain our own accounts and records;
  • To seek your views or comments;
  • To send you communications which you have requested and that may be of interest to you. These may include information about fundraising appeals or activities;
  • To create effective partnerships with local churches;
  • To keep you informed about our work;
  • To enable us to contact you with the most relevant and appropriate information;
  • To manage and coordinate our volunteers;
  • For compliance with employment law and other statutory requirements;


When you make a donation to us online, SparkFish ensures that this is done securely and in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. All credit or debit card details are entered directly into the Lloyds Merchant Services and never recorded or stored in any of our systems on completion of your transaction. Remember, please don’t send an email with any credit or debit card details.


We love sharing news about how your support is changing the lives of children, families and communities in the name of Jesus. This may include sending you information about our work, news, events, information on volunteering and prayer requests.

SparkFish is committed to respecting your choice to receive publicity information. You can update your permission at any time by:

  • Clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link included in each email communication we send;
  • Contacting our Administrator at 90 High Street, Reigate, RH2 9AP;  ; 01737 668087


Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be shared with selected staff or trustees for purposes connected with SparkFish. Your data will not be shared with third parties. 


SparkFish will only keep your personal information for as long as it is required and in accordance with statutory requirements. For example, HMRC requires that we keep a record of your name, address and Gift Aid declaration for six years from the date of your last donation. Where the information is no longer required, we will ensure that it is disposed of in a secure manner.

If you have indicated that you do not wish to hear from us in the future, we will keep the minimum information necessary to ensure we avoid contacting you any further.


Read how to control cookies used on websites here.


The Data Protection Act (DPA) gives you the right:

  • To request in writing and securely obtain copies of the personal information SparkFish holds about you;
  • To correct or update your personal information processed by SparkFish;
  • To request SparkFish to stop using your personal information for publicity purposes or for any other purpose where there is no legal requirement for continued processing;


Please contact us if you wish to raise a concern about SparkFish’s handling of your personal information, or compliment what you think we have done well.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office about how we manage your data.

You can contact the Information Commissioners Office for further information:


SparkFish will review our privacy notice regularly. The terms of this notice may be updated at any time for example, in the event of changes in law and how we operate. Please do check our website from time to time. If there are any significant changes in the way we process your personal information, we will provide a prominent notice on our website or send a notification.

This policy was last updated in May 2018.

Thank you from everyone at SparkFish for your support.