What We Do

Inspire and encourage

SparkFish aims to inspire and encourage young people in faith, hope and love. Schools are fully equipped for academic learning but many appreciate support in the areas of spiritual, moral and social development. SparkFish helps young people to reach beneath the surface of life – to explore their identity and relationships, their values and beliefs.

Schools can access skilled support within the three complementary strands of our work, which are unpacked in the panels below.

SparkFish fosters teamwork between youth and children’s workers in local churches, encouraging them to build relationships with schools. Some offer extra-curricular clubs where students can find out more about the Bible.

We are a charitable trust supported by local churches and individuals. We do not charge for these events but if schools are able to make a voluntary contribution, it enables us to continue to provide the services we do and budget for staff.


RE events for schools which bring the Bible to life, and assemblies which explore values for life. More


Space and time in a busy school for reflection and wonder, hopes and prayers. More


Support for students at times of change and challenge through mentoring, courses and workshops. More