Tim Hill’s SparkFish Story So Far ….

Tim Hill’s SparkFish Story So Far ….

26 Aug 2021 / Christine Starkey

Having been Youth Pastor at St Johns, Old Coulsdon for 6yrs, I moved to Horley Team
Ministry at the end of February 2020.

As a Pioneer Worker I was expecting to get known in the North Horley community
(particularly The Acres) through working in local schools and putting on interesting events.
I’m used to doing lessons and Assemblies every day and as a Lay Reader (Licensed Minister)
I can also take services and other roles in the Parish.

But that was not to be! I was Furloughed in the first Lockdown and then in September allowed to work
– but not doing the things I was used to doing. Thankfully there were practical jobs in the churchyard and
a few services to help with – but mostly all I could do was cycle around the area praying for
“harmony in these homes, protection from Covid19 and fields ripe for a Harvest”. I prayed that a lot!

When I was appointed, I was told about Sparkfish and that there would be a support for me
there. I met with Lyndsey then Harriet, so got a helpful overview of the Sparkfish operation.
But with schools in Horley closed to me, there didn’t seem to be much of an opportunity.
But wait! we’ve all had to adapt over this period and Boom! Sparkfish started producing
videos that could be used in schools and they invited me to be a part of them! This was
far better than anything I could have produced and the schools were grateful – so good!

Another team I work with is Walk Through the Bible – I’ve been an Old Testament and New
Testament Presenter for 15 years (aimed at Yr. 5&6 there are 5 one hour sessions that
teach a time line and overview of each Testament – kids love it, teachers love it – so good!)
and have been a ‘Presenter Trainer’ several times too. In July 2021 I had the privilege of
taking 4 Sparkfish Workers through the OT Presenter Training (pretty intense 3 days) and so
now we have 4 more great folk in the “Walk Through Team” – ready to go, as soon as we
are allowed to – may God Bless us all!

The Sparkfish Team have become my friends and we communicate a lot – I’m looking
forward to working with Sparkfish more as the momentum picks back up – who knows what
we’ll get up to – but if it brings Glory to God, I’m in!

Thanks for all the prayer and support,


Pioneer Worker & Lay Minister: Horley Team Ministry