Stickmen and Doodles and More!

Stickmen and Doodles and More!

16 Dec 2022 / Charles Merritt

It was Friday the 11th March 2022. The noise of the audience died down as the opening notes played from the piano. I walked onto the stage and stood in front of a supportive crowd of friendly faces. And then I began to sing ten of my own songs interspersed with my own personal story of mental health. It was a terrifying but brilliant experience, and I was so overwhelmed by how many people turned up to support it!

In total the event raised £600.80 for SparkFish which is such an incredible amount and has enabled us to buy valuable mentoring resources plus so much more.

But the fundraising isn’t over. I recognised that for many, at the start of the year the idea of gathering in a room was still a risk and, as a result, many people were unable to attend.

That’s why we recorded the concert in full and are making it available to watch at the cost of a small donation!

You can watch the video in full by following this link.

The recommended donation is £5 but feel free to give as much as you feel comfortable. You can donate by following this link.

The added benefit is that you can re-watch it as many times as you like and skip the songs you like the least… or, alternatively, constantly go back to the song you love the most!

Preparing this concert was stressful, hard work and nerve shattering but ultimately worth it. I felt so strongly that I needed to talk openly and honestly about the struggles I faced as a teenager – it’s so important to talk and if I can inspire others to do so through this, then I don’t mind the embarrassment of telling my worst fainting story…

Thank you so much for all the support and kind donations – SparkFish really couldn’t run without it all.