Summer Term endings and the start of something new ….

At SparkFish we have developed a workshop over recent years aimed to equip students in year 6 to feel more confident to make a positive transition to secondary school.

Life can be full of significant moments and the move from primary to secondary school is a particularly important time, as students move from primary school where they may have been since they were 4 years old, to their new, in many cases much larger secondary school where they are surrounded by much older students who are moving towards their GCSE’s, more independence and are well on their way to adulthood.

Dr Kate Middleton wrote in a recent blog,

The COVID pandemic has been a unique time of unusual pressure and ever-changing circumstances for children, teenagers and young people. They’ve had to manage significant uncertainty, loss of control and choices, separation from their friends and the activities they usually enjoy, and the constant tension of possible isolation all alongside the pressures of continuing academic demands from school – including for many, exams and key transitions.


At SparkFish we have continued with supporting year 6 students by providing schools with the resources to run transition workshops, delivering these workshops in person where restrictions allow this. Our workshops, which for this year have also been developed as a video resource, combine practical advice and top tips with reflective activities as they look back at primary school and then look forward to all that is to come at their new school.

Through our workshops students can reflect on what they have learned at primary school, celebrate their achievements and consider who has been part of their primary school journey and to whom they will be saying goodbye. Often as well as saying goodbye to teachers and support staff, students will be saying goodbye to many classmates who may all be going to different schools.

We then spend some time thinking about hopes and dreams for secondary school, the opportunities that the students will have, and considering how to make the most positive of starts to their new school year. We also remind students of those who will be supporting them at their new school as they make this important new start.

At SparkFish we are very much aware of the impact of the last 15 months for these children, and the challenges that they have experienced and hope and pray for all in year 6 this year that they may find the support and encouragement that they need as they make this important step.

‘The Message’ bible translation of the book of John quotes the words of Jesus in John 10 verse 10,

I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life, and they may have it more abundantly’

We continue to pray for all those children and young people who are making important transitions this summer, for those starting school for the first time, those moving on to their next year group, and for those making the change to secondary school or to college and university; that amid these current challenges they will have the support they need to take this important step forewords in their lives towards achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential.